eFleetTrack was developed by the Company that revolutionized the rental car industry.

The best in small, medium & large vehicle fleet tracking

Save time, save money

In a world where time is short and the competition is tough, eFleetTrack will free you from costly subscription fees, costly data charges and manually tracking vehicles. With our simple application, you can keep tabs on your fleet at any given time. Leave the tedious work to us!

Segment your vehicles for better use

With eFleetTrack, you can segment your vehicle types and monitor them according to their Rental functionalities. This will help you monitor a certain type of vehicle in more detail or put them into a different zone if they have special requirements such as temperature sensitivity or driving time restrictions. You can also update these settings in real-time!

Accident management alerts, for better use in vehicle automation

In eFleetTrack, you can segment your vehicle types and monitor Accidents from compromised driving analysis infused to develop prevention strategies by engaging the driver and the fleet manager for Best Behaviour Driving programs.



Vehicle Information
Fuel Level
Vehicle Maintenance
Crash Detection
Vehicle Geofencing
Harsh Driving Statistics
Vehicle Logbook
Vehicle Lock Status